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    Service Hotline


    No. 26 Haining Road, North Economic Development Zone, Shuyang County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province


    Service concept: adhering to the service concept of providing customers with safety, credibility, punctuality, high quality, highly technical competitiveness and flexible innovation.

    We promise that our tires will have high grip, load capacity and wear resistance.

    Grasp performance is the determinant of vehicle safety, which is related to the maintenance and transformation of vehicle driving direction. Tire structure (pattern), load, inflatable internal pressure, driving speed and road conditions have a greater impact on it.

    The tire load capacity determines the vehicle load. The shape and size of tire, inflatable internal pressure, cord performance and profile have great influence on it.

    Wear resistance is related to traction performance such as vehicle driving, acceleration, deceleration and braking. Tire structure, tread properties and service conditions have a great influence on it.

    Establish a good relationship with customers: besides focusing on products, customers will also pay attention to the culture of the enterprise, the concept of the enterprise, the service of the enterprise and the establishment of a good relationship with customers are the basic guarantee for the success of enterprise marketing. They should establish a consumer-centered concept and start from consumers, and run this concept throughout the whole process of enterprise production and operation. Establishing the business purpose of serving consumers wholeheartedly, truly recognizing that safeguarding the interests of consumers is to safeguard their own interests, neglecting or even infringing on the rights and interests of consumers is tantamount to suicide.

    To serve with practical work actions: We should not only advocate and display the professional ethics of the working concept of "customer-oriented, dedicated service", but also apply practical work actions to perfect the interpretation of the "customer first" humanistic service spirit. Under the premise of adhering to the principle of "Satisfactory Service is above everything", service work formulates personalized service to meet the needs of reality according to the changing environment.