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    Classification of Tyre Ordinary Patterns
    time:2018-12-28 16:49:00      click:593

    (1) Longitudinal pattern

    The common characteristic of longitudinal tread pattern is that the tread is continuous in longitudinal direction and disconnected in transverse direction, so the longitudinal stiffness of tread is large, while the transverse stiffness is small, and the anti-skid ability of tire is strong in transverse direction and weak in longitudinal direction. This kind of tread tire has less rolling resistance and good heat dissipation, but the tread groove is easy to be embedded in gravel. Generally speaking, this pattern is suitable for driving on clean and good hard road. For example, cars, light trucks and minivans can choose this pattern.

    (2) Transverse pattern

    The common characteristic of transverse pattern is that the tread is transversely continuous and longitudinal disconnected, so the transverse stiffness of tread is large, while the longitudinal stiffness is small. Therefore, the anti-skid ability of tire presents strong longitudinal and weak transverse. When the vehicle steers at a higher speed, it is easy to sideslip. The rolling resistance of tire is also relatively large, and the tread wear is serious. This pattern is suitable for medium or heavy trucks with large traction force on general hard pavement.

    (3) Both vertical and horizontal patterns

    This pattern is between the longitudinal pattern and the transverse pattern. In the middle of the tread, there is usually a zigzag longitudinal pattern, while on both sides near the shoulder, there is a transverse pattern. In this way, the vertical and horizontal skid resistance of the mesa is better. Therefore, this type of tread tyre has strong adaptability and wide application range. It is suitable not only for different hard pavement, but also for cars and trucks.

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