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    Structure of Motorcycle Tire
    time:2018-12-28 16:58:44      click:654

    Tyres have two basic structures: skew tire and radial tire. According to safety knowledge, most cruise motorcycles use diagonal tires, while most sport motorcycles use radial tires; spoke tires need inner tubes, while cast hub tires need not use inner tubes; diagonal tires have rounder contours and higher tire sidewalls; radial tires have flat contours and tire sidewalls. Shorter.

    The carcass cord layer under the crown of bias tire is formed by overlapping multi-layer nylon and rayon. The different layers of the cord stretch the tire at opposite angles and form the X-shaped oblique structure tire. Some tires will add another layer of belt at the top of the cord layer, which will run along the rolling direction of the tire.

    During tire rolling, a small part of its contact with the ground flattens in an instant and then bounces back to its original state, which is called the driving surface. It repeatedly flattens and bounces back to its original state during tire driving. The heat generated by the tire's continuous deflection is very beneficial to the grip performance of the tire, but if it is excessively deformed, it will return to its original state. So that excessive heat will reduce tire grip performance and accelerate tire damage.

    The ply direction of radial tire is perpendicular to the rolling direction of tire, which is beneficial to reduce the heat generated by the tire deflection, so that the temperature of the tire is lower during operation. Because the side of radial tire is more prone to deflection, the tire profile is shorter.

    The low profile structure of radial tire indicates that it can carry more loads, and it is more suitable for cruise motorcycles that need heavy loads of passengers or luggage, while the skew tire can better meet the requirements of suspension and turning performance of cruise motorcycles. In view of this, you must make sure that motorcycle tyres are suitable for your motorcycle before you buy them.

    For diagonal and radial tires, the crown groove design varies according to the potential use of tires. The groove design on the crown of tires is mainly used to discharge water from the running surface of tires. The more crown grooves, the better the tire drainage performance. Usually cruise vehicles and tourist vehicles need to travel in rainwater frequently, so their tires need to have high drainage performance; while sports motorcycles are not designed for the function of driving in rain, so the less grooves on tire crown patterns, the more rubber the tire contacts with the ground, the greater traction the tire can obtain when driving on dry ground.

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